5 Factors To Consider When Deciding On The Location Of Your AC Unit

Posted on: 14 October 2015

One huge air conditioning mistake that homeowners tend to make is not putting enough thought into where their outdoor unit is located.

If you're having a new air conditioner put in, you want to make sure you choose a location for it in your yard that will maximize efficiency and convenience. Your new air conditioner unit is hopefully going to be in operation for a long time, and once you've had it installed you won't be able to move it.

Don't overlook any of the following factors if you want to choose the best possible location: 

Heat exposure

An air conditioner unit will have to work harder to cool air if it is located under direct sunlight. If you want to maximize efficiency and minimize energy consumption, you should work your AC unit in to a shaded area of your yard. 


Another important factor that influences air conditioner efficiency is ease of airflow around the unit.

Your air conditioner unit will need a plentiful supply of fresh air to work properly and to channel conditioned air throughout your home. If your air conditioner is surrounded and suffocated by vegetation, it will not operate as efficiently as possible. It will also tend to go through air filters faster because they will quickly become clogged with dust and debris. 

If your air conditioner unit doesn't have sufficient airflow, it could compromise the quality of your home's interior air. Your air conditioner might be channeling air with excessive contaminants like dust particles through your home if it doesn't have an adequate supply of fresh air. 


Over the years, your air conditioner unit will have maintenance needs. If it takes HVAC technicians a long time to handle maintenance jobs because your unit is hard to access, you'll probably pay more in labor costs and the quality of the work will be lower. 

Landscaping tasks

Landscaping can become challenging if your AC unit is in the way. An AC unit that's in your way when you're trying to take care of landscaping tasks like mowing and gardening is also more likely to become damaged. 

Think about your landscaping plans for both the present and the future before deciding on a location for an outdoor AC unit. 


An outdoor air conditioner unit can be an eyesore if it is not worked into a yard in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Before you have your air conditioner installed, you should envision how its location is going to impact your home's appearance. For assistance, talk to a professional like D & W Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.


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