Winterizing Your Vacation Home's AC System

Posted on: 16 October 2015

Spending your summers in a second home offers a number of benefits, but it also carries with it some additional chores that you'll need to take care of at the end of the season. Among these is making sure your AC system can endure the off-season and be ready for your eventual return next year, both to save on utility costs and to protect the system from winter damage. What you do before you lock up for the fall can have a huge impact when you get back.

Remember To Cover Up Your Vents

Central air units rely on both interior and exterior components to generate cool air and force it into various rooms of your home. Investing in a cover for your exterior unit will help protect it from the elements, debris, pollen and keep small animals from making nests inside it. Covers should be durable, snug, and easy to secure in case of high winds or severe weather.

Inside your home, invest in vent covers for each room of your summer home to keep dust particles from finding their way into the air ducts. This will cut down on the contaminants in the air when you first return in May or June, and can help reduce the amount of debris that you'll need to clear out of your duct work each year. You can either choose to do this with cheap plastic sheeting, or you can invest in metal and ceramic vent covers which can be secured using magnets or screws to keep them in place.

Turn Off The Power And Shut Off The Water

As important as it is to protect your AC system, it's just as important to make sure that you're not paying for it while you're away. Even moderate temperatures through the fall and winter will drive up your electric bill on a house you're not even in, so shut down the breaker that powers your HVAC system while you're away. To prevent water from freezing in your pipes, shut down your water line. This way, you won't need to leave low-level heat running, and you won't need to worry as a result.

When you do return for the summer, make sure you've scheduled an air conditioning repair or maintenance visit within a few days to check that the unit is still in good condition. Taking steps to ensure your AC system is secure will give you peace of mind and save you on both repairs and electricity while you're away. 


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