The Advantages Of Using A Gas Powered Clothes Dryer

Posted on: 3 November 2015

Clothes dryers are one of the most commonly used appliances in the home today. Whether they are powered by gas or electricity, a dryer is a must for getting your laundry dry in a relatively short period of time. In recent years, many people have chosen to use gas-powered dryers for drying their clothes. These types of dryers have several different benefits that make them an ideal way to get your clothes soft and dry. These are some of the advantages of using a gas powered clothes dryer.

Money Saving 

If you have a large family, it is not uncommon to use your clothes dryer on a daily basis. Those who have electrically-powered dryers often complain of how much power is used to do this. However, gas dryers only use a small amount of electricity to power the small fan that blows the heat inside the area where the clothes will be dried.

This can save a substantial amount on the cost of your electricity bill, which then saves you money. While the initial cost of a gas dryer may be more than the cost of an electric dryer, the money you save over time because it is powered by gas helps a gas-powered dryer to pay for itself within only a few months.

Drying Clothes More Quickly 

The heat that comes into a gas-powered dryer is also much warmer than that of an electric dryer. It heats up instantly as soon as the cycle begins, so there is no waiting time for the dryer to get warm enough to dry your clothes. Many gas dryers can dry a load of clothes in half the time it takes an electric clothes dryer to do the job.

Energy Efficiency 

Gas-powered clothes dryers are also more energy efficient than electric dryers. These dryers are powered by natural gas, which is a natural resource, instead of by electricity that must be created by burning coal. Therefore, less electricity is used, less coal is burned, and more energy can be saved.

Protecting Your Clothing 

Using a gas-powered clothes dryer also helps your clothing remain in better condition longer. The less time your clothing spends in the dryer, the less wrinkled and worn your clothing will be. Gas-powered dryers are ideal for drying delicate items that might shrink if they spend long periods of time in an electric dryer.

If you are considering investing in a gas-powered dryer, it is important that you examine the area your dryer will be sitting in first. Many homes come equipped with both the special electrical outlet to plug in an electric dryer and the gas lines needed to connect to your gas-powered dryer.

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