3 Tips For Keeping Your House Cooler In The Summertime Heat

Posted on: 15 August 2016

Even when you have central air conditioning, there are times when your house may feel stifling hot when the temperature rises during the height of summer. To keep your house cooler, as well as save a little money on your cooling bills, use one or more of the tips below.

Close Off Unused Rooms

If you have several rooms in your house that you either never go into or rarely use, you may be wasting a lot of cool air and money to keep them cool for no reason. Also, having extra rooms to cool could make your air conditioner work harder.

Instead of wasting your air in these rooms, shut off the air conditioning vents in them. Then, close the doors to keep the air on the outside of the rooms from escaping inside. If there are large gaps in the bottoms of the doors, place draft dodgers or towels in front of the spaces to block them.

Place Heavy Curtains Or Blankets Over Windows

To keep the cool air inside your house and the hot air out in nature, replace any thin curtains with heavier ones. This creates a barrier that prevents the exchange of heat, as well as blocks the intense heat of the sun's rays from penetrating the glass. If you do not have any heavier curtains, place blankets over the windows by tacking them up using small finishing nails. 

Use Fans In Your Windows At Night

Take advantage of the cooler night air by putting fans in your windows. There are two ways to do this, with the first being putting the fans facing inward to blow the air inside.

Another way to use the fans is to create a cross breeze throughout your home by putting a couple of fans in the windows on one side of your house facing inward. Then, place a couple of fans pointing outward on the other side of the house. The latter will pull the hot air out of your home, while the former will bring in the cooler air.

When you get up in the morning, remove the fans. Then, close the windows, and shut the curtains before turning your air conditioning back on to keep the house cooler for several hours.

Using the above tips can help you keep your house cooler in the summertime heat, as well as make things easier on your air conditioner. However, if you think your central cooling system is not working as it should, you may want to contact an air conditioning service like Gregory Heating and Air Conditioning to have them come inspect your unit for any potential problems.


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