What Are The Most Energy Efficient Appliances For Homes In Temperate Weather Regions?

Posted on: 14 October 2016

Temperate weather regions have moderate heat during the short summers and milder cold weather during the extended fall and winter seasons. This type of weather can make many types of heating and cooling appliances, such as HVAC systems and water heaters, an energy inefficient overkill for your needs.

What are the most energy efficient appliances available for those in temperate weather regions? Here are a few ideas; ask your local heating and air conditioning repair and installation company for more information.

HVAC System: Heat Pump

A heat pump system transfers heat from place to place rather than using up your electricity or fuel to produce heated or cooled air. The pump system absorbs heat from the surrounding air then pushes that heat in the needed direction. What is the needed direction?

During the warmer summer period, the heat pump will absorb the unwanted heat inside your home to cool off your living space and sends that heat outside. During the mild yet chilly winter months, the heat pump absorbs the heat from the outside air, which has ambient heat despite being colder, and sends that warmth inside to combat the cold air in there. This type of transfer is ideal for temperate weather regions where the air outside is never overly hot or cold, which would put undue strain on the heat pump.

A heat pump system compared to a traditional, energy efficient HVAC system offers about a 5 percent reduction in energy use. The number will be much higher if you're replacing an older, less efficient HVAC unit with the heat pump.

Water Heater: Heat Pump or Solar

The same heat pump that provides your HVAC services can also provide you with heated water. A heat pump water heater will apply the ambient air to your water pipes as it moves in whatever direction the HVAC system requires. Using the pump for both units can save you space and offer an improvement on energy efficiency since a heat pump is about 65 percent more efficient than a tanked water heater.

But a heat pump isn't the most energy efficient water heater on the market. That title goes to a solar pump water heater, which offers an up to 90 percent reduction in energy costs compared to a traditional tanked water heater. The solar system will need to have a backup electrical system in case there's not enough sun to power the system, but the backup should remain rarely used in a temperate region.

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