Benefits Of Packaged HVACs

Posted on: 28 December 2017

There are different types of HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems, one of them being the packaged types that come all wrapped up in single units. If you are shopping for an HVAC system, you should consider a packaged unit to enjoy the following advantages:

They Don't Require Much Space

By definition, packaged systems have all their components nicely wrapped up in a single unit. This means you only need to dedicate one place for their installation. This is a great advantage to anyone who is space-constrained, which is pretty much everyone today. In fact, you can place the packaged unit in an out-of-the-way place (such as the roof) so that it doesn't occupy any useful location at all. This is an advantage to everyone, but it is even more beneficial to commercial property owners where rent is directly proportional to available (useful) square footage.

They Are Easy To Install and Maintain

As you can imagine, installing a single HVAC unit is much easier than installing different components. This is because all the components are in one package and the installer doesn't have to access, drill, or cut through different sections of the building to install the system. Contrast this with multiple-unit systems where the heating and air conditioning installer may be forced to work through crawl spaces, and probably have to shuttle between different locations before completing the installation. This advantage doesn't just apply during installation; it also applies during maintenance or servicing of HVAC systems. 

They Are Relatively Efficient

Most of these packaged units are more efficient that multi-unit HVAC systems. This is probably because no energy is transferred from one part of the system to another. This means the packaged systems don't have to use as much energy as other systems to perform the same work. This also translates to lower energy bills, as well as the associated environmental benefits.

They are More Reliable

AN HVAC system is an electromechanical system, and just like with other electromechanical systems, the more parts it has the more likely something is to go wrong. This is particularly true with moving and electrical parts of the system. A packaged system reduces the number of these different parts – effectively improving the reliability of the whole system.

It is advisable to consult an HVAC technician for an evaluation of your existing home setup before settling on a specific type of HVAC system. This is advisable because some systems are better suited to particular homes.


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