Make Your Ducts Airtight

Posted on: 12 February 2018

If you are sick and tired of dealing with growing heating and cooling bills, while still experience reduced airflow and uncomfortable interior temperatures, it is time to service your system. Most homeowners would love to invest in brand new HVAC appliances and components, but they can't afford such a big investment. So, if you have a limited budget, the best you can do is always maintain your major appliances and make sure they are working as efficiently as possible.

The Importance of Airtight Ducts

The natural reduction in the efficiency of your furnace is something that you can contain and reduce with basic cleaning and maintenance over the years. The ducts are probably the most vulnerable part of your heating system. Over the years, your ducts can become loose at the seams, and lose their airtight seal. This basically means that a lot of the air that your furnace is producing is going to be wasted. Furthermore, your furnace has to work harder to compensate for this reduced airflow. The ultimate result is that you have higher bills despite having an uncomfortable and cold home.

Keeping Your Ducts Airtight

You need to frequently check the sections of your ducting that are exposed. There could be just a few feet of exposed ducting, or you could have hundreds of feet running through your basement. It depends on if the ducts within your basement and ceiling are within the walls or outside of the joist. Anywhere you have ducts that you can visually see, you might be able to improve them. These ducts are the most vulnerable to getting knocked loose because people tend to store things around them, the house can naturally settle, and other things near the ducts can cause them to shift.

It is very worthwhile, although a little bit tedious, to wrap every duct seem that you can see and access with aluminum foil tape. Aluminum foil tape is a little more airtight then traditional duct tape. It is also stickier and a little harder to work with. Some people even go a step further and wrap all of their expose ducts in fiberglass insulation. This is definitely a smart decision if you live somewhere cold. Cold air in your basement can dramatically cool down the air as it travels through the ducts in your basement ceiling. Having these ducts a little more insulated is going to make your heating and cooling system much more efficient.

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