3 Things You Should Know Before Going Ductless

Posted on: 24 August 2018

There are plenty of good reasons why a ductless air conditioning system is on your mind. You may be in the middle of remodeling your home and want a different cooling solution, for instance. If you're moving into a new home that lacks the space needed for traditional ductwork or want to maintain the time-honored look and feel of an older home, ductless A/C systems offer a great solution for staying cool without too much hassle.

As with any type of air conditioning system, there are a few things you should know before diving into your A/C installation.

1. Size Still Matters

Buying a ductless A/C system doesn't mean you should downgrade your unit's cooling capacity. While ductless systems take up less physical space than traditional split A/C units, you'll still need to keep their output in mind as you design your system.

Fortunately, this is where a Manual J load calculation comes into play. Manual J provides an accurate picture of your home's cooling needs, taking into account a variety of factors, including average temperatures, home size, and even your home's orientation relative to the sun.

2. Variety is the Spice of Ductless Life

Ductless A/C systems come in a variety of styles, so you're not limited to just one type of unit. Different home configurations benefit from different unit designs, so here are a few common choices to consider:

  • Wall-mounted units - Commonly seen in homes in need of ductless cooling, these units are the simplest and least expensive to install.
  • Cassette units - These ceiling-recessed units are capable of dispersing air in all four directions for effective heating and cooling.
  • Floor-mounted units - These units are maintenance-friendly thanks to their location and overall design. Being at floor height makes them easy to maintain and repair.

3. Leaks Can Be a Common Problem

Leaks, whether they stem from condensation drainage or refrigerant loss, are a common problem that almost every air conditioner experiences at some point. However, leaks pose a bigger issue for ductless A/C systems due to their form factor.

Tasked with feeding refrigerant to multiple air handlers spread out throughout your home, a ductless A/C system uses more refrigerant lines than the traditional split A/C system. That makes tracking down and repairing leaks more difficult for technicians.

Condensate leaks can also have more serious consequences for ductless A/C system owners. A condensate leak caused by faulty drainage can result in severe water damage to your walls, especially if the problem goes on unaddressed.

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