Is It Time to Have Your Home's Sewer Lines Inspected?

Posted on: 15 October 2018

Your home's sewer lines are responsible not just for managing waste, but for transporting water throughout your home as well. The plumbing system your home uses should be inspected regularly to ensure there are no breakages, leaks, or other potentially damaging or dangerous problems.

Do your property's sewer lines need to be inspected? Don't wait until there is a serious issue before you have them checked out by your plumber. This guide will help you determine if you need sewer line services or not.

You Smell Something Funky

Your sewer lines will emit a strange odor if there is something blocking the lines, they are overflowing with too much non-emptied waste, or if there is a gas or sewage leak in your system. You'll smell an odor when you wash your dishes or do laundry; the smell will be similar to rotting vegetation, boiling or rotten eggs, or even like bad gas.

If your clothes smell gassy when you take them out of the washing machine or you occasionally smell a sulfurous smell coming from in or near your home, then your sewer lines need to be inspected. Your septic system should be drained and cleaned to help prevent waste from overflowing.

You're Updating Plumbing Lines

Are you updating your home's plumbing line? If so, have your plumbing inspected first, even if you are doing a simple DIY project. If there are issues with your sewer line, such as outdated or rusting fixtures, missing pipes, or other problems, you can budget accordingly and have these problems repaired along with the rest of your project.

Another reason to have your lines inspected prior to doing plumbing work is this: you want to make sure you choose the right parts and are focusing on the key aspects of your plumbing needs. For example, that small kitchen leak may actually need to come second to a much larger basement pipe repair that you wouldn't have known about without an inspection.

You're Selling Your Home

Before you sell your home, make sure the house is as updated as possible. This includes making sure your plumbing is up to par and current. If your plumbing and sewer lines are dated and worn, you won't get as much money for your home and will likely have to pay for the upgrading upon the demands of potential buyers anyhow. Take the initiative and have your sewer lines inspected by a sewer and drain repair service prior to selling your home.


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