Safety Risks Of A Gas Furnace

Posted on: 8 February 2019

One of the most dangerous parts of an HVAC system is the furnace, especially when it runs off of gas. The reason why is because a furnace can put your safety at risk in several ways if the proper maintenance isn't performed every now and then. It is a good idea to leave the task of maintenance up to a professional technician to ensure that it is done in a safe and thorough manner. Your central heater will actually function with greater energy efficiency if you don't allow the furnace to develop problems. In the content below, you will find out about various gas furnace problems that can put your safety at risk and reduce the level of energy efficiency.

Neglecting to Clean a Gas Furnace

Although dirt seems harmless, it can actually cause a gas furnace to have numerous problems. For instance, if dirt builds up inside the pilot area, there is the possibility that combustion will not complete. Basically, incomplete combustion can cause the pilot flame to send large amounts of carbon monoxide into the air. Keep in mind that carbon monoxide is one of the most toxic gases, as it can lead to serious health problems or death. To ensure that your furnace doesn't accumulate dangerous amounts of dirt, get it cleaned by a professional a few times per year.

Ignoring a Small Gas Leak

No matter how small a gas leak might be, it should be treated as a top priority when it comes to a repair being done. Due to your furnace running off of gas, it is normal for you to smell a small amount of it. However, if you notice that the odor of gas is stronger than usual, it can point to a line or valve being damaged. You don't want to leave your furnace with a gas leak because it can cause the risk of an explosion. A leak can also lead to your furnace not working in an efficient manner due to the burner not receiving enough fuel.

Leaving the Pilot Orifice Damaged

Anther aspect of a gas furnace that can contribute to decreased energy efficiency is a damage pilot orifice. The orifice is constructed of metal, which means that it can become rusty or bent. A damaged orifice must be repaired in a timely manner to ensure that the flame is able to ignite properly. There is also the risk of a carbon monoxide leak when the orifice is in bad shape.

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