How to Tell If Your HVAC Unit Needs Repair or Replacement

Posted on: 9 April 2019

The HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system runs both the hot air and the cool air in your home. The system runs most of the year, so it is critical that you keep up with the maintenance. 

Air Conditioning

The air conditioning system uses a compressor and condenser to cool air and keep your home temperate. If the system is not working correctly, the air coming out of the system may not get cold. If you are not getting cool air out of the vents when the air conditioner is running, an inspection of the system is the first priority. 

Heat System

The heat is as important as the air conditioning, but while the systems are in the same unit, they are not entirely dependant on each other. You heat may run without the AC, or the AC may run when the heat will not. If the heat is not working, turning on the AC to test the HVAC doesn't work. Call your HVAC company and have them check the system for you. 

Complete System Shutdown

The HVAC system shutting down completely is not very common, but if it does, you may have a problem with the power to the unit. Check the breaker panel for breakers that need to be reset or blown fuses. If you can not find the cause, the technician may need to open the system up and check the controllers and internal breakers in the HVAC system. 

Thermostat Problems

Another common problem that can take the HVAC system down is the thermostat not working. Modern electronic thermostats are more common in the new HVAC systems. Often one thermostat controls the entire system, so if it is not working correctly, both the heat and the air conditioning may not function. Someone from an HVAC repair service can test the thermostat and replace it for you quickly and easily. 

New HVAC Systems

If your system needs replacing completely, there are some different options on the market. The best option is to talk with your HVAC service company about what model is the best one to replace your existing system. You may want to upgrade to a more extensive system for your home while you are installing a new system. A larger unit may seem like it would cost more to run, but in truth, the system is not going to have to work as hard, so it may actually cost you less in the long run. 


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