Own A Doggy Daycare Center? 4 Reasons To Repair The AC Before Next Summer

Posted on: 18 December 2019

If you own a doggy daycare center, and your air conditioner was giving you problems last summer, make sure you take care of repairs before the weather starts to warm up again. You might not realize this but extreme heat can be hazardous for dogs. Not only that, but the lack of air conditioning in your doggy daycare center can also lead to some unpleasant consequences as well. Here are just four of the reasons why you should schedule AC system repair before next summer. 

Reduce The Risk of Heat-Related Illnesses

If the air conditioner isn't working in your doggy daycare, you put your canine guests at risk for heat-related illnesses. Dogs don't adjust to the heat as easily as humans do, which means extreme heat can cause them to become ill. This is particularly true for elderly dogs, young pups, or dogs that are suffering from pre-existing medical conditions. The last thing you want is for your canine guests to become ill due to the lack of cool air in your doggy daycare center. To reduce the risk of heat-related illnesses, be sure to repair your air conditioner before summer. 

Reduce Foul Doggy Odors

If you run a busy doggy daycare center, you need to be concerned about odors. Canine urine and feces odors can wreak havoc on your business, and create unpleasant conditions for everyone involved. Unfortunately, heat can cause odors to become even more problematic. To keep foul doggy odors under control, make sure the air conditioner in your doggy daycare center is working properly. 

Reduce Dehydration

If your doggy daycare center has problems with the air conditioner, you can expect temperatures to rise to alarming rates next summer. Unfortunately, with elevated indoor temperatures, you can also expect an increase in the rate of dehydration among your canine guests. If the dogs that you care for don't have access to cool air, they'll increase their panting as a way to reduce their core temperature. However, the excess panting will increase their risk for dehydration, especially if they don't increase their water intake. You can reduce the occurrence of dehydration among your canine guests by repairing the air conditioner in your doggy daycare center. 

Reduce Irritability

If you run a doggy daycare center, you're probably busy tending to canine needs throughout the day. Part of that service includes ensuring that your canine guests are happy and well-behaved. Any act of aggression or irritability can lead to fights and disagreements among your guests. Unfortunately, elevated temperatures can increase the risk of irritability and aggressive behavior. If the air conditioner in your facility hasn't been working properly, take care of the repairs before summer returns next year.  


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