Why An AC Might Not Work

Posted on: 10 June 2020

Being able to turn on a thermostat and quickly cool a house down on a hot day is one of the greatest conveniences for a homeowner to have. Unfortunately, having a working thermostat doesn't always mean that the air conditioning system is going to function properly and produce cold air. Sometimes the only thing that takes place when the thermostat is turned on is the circulation of warm air. It isn't usually that the thermostat is damaged in such a case as it usually points to other parts of the system needing to be repaired. It is possible for one damaged part to cause problems for several other parts and cause the system to not cool your house down.

The Evaporator Coil Is Iced Up

If the blower fan has not been creating enough air, it is possible that the problem has affected the evaporator coil in a negative way. For example, if the coil doesn't have enough air blowing over it, the metal can get too cold and cause ice to form. Not only doesn't the lack of air blowing from the fan decrease the level of coolness in a house, but the ice can have an impact on it as well. The ice basically forms to the extent of making the passageway for air much narrower. Turning on the system fan is a great way to defrost the evaporator coil, or you can hire a technician to remove the ice manually if the fan doesn't do the job.

Coolant Has Run Out of the System

Coolant is important for an air conditioner to lower the temperature in your house. Many homeowners don't think about the coolant because it isn't something that is needed on a regular basis. If you are unsure if low coolant is the problem with your air conditioning system, contact a technician to get it checked. If more coolant is needed, he or she can recharge the system for you. Coolant is what makes the evaporator coil cold.

Warm Air Remains in Your House

An air conditioning system not only has the job of cooling a house down by producing cold air but also getting rid of the warm air. For example, the warm air that you feel before turning on the air conditioner must be removed before a sufficient temperature can be reached. The condenser coil is what is used for sending the warm air out. If warm air seems to be staying in your house and interfering with how well the air conditioner works, you might need to get the condenser coil repaired.

Reach out to an AC repair professional for more information. 


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