Factors That Can Affect Your AC Installation Time

Posted on: 14 August 2020

Whenever your AC breaks down, you probably can't wait for it to be repaired, especially during the hottest days of summer. However, when the AC breaks down, the AC technician might discover that you won't be able to repair the unit. Instead, you may need a new AC installed. But how long will it take?

The Typical Time Frame for an AC Installation

Before your AC installation, the technician will perform an inspection of your current AC and determine the needs of your home. For example, some homes may need central air and others would benefit from a window air conditioner. The installation specialist needs to take into account the square footage of your home as well. They must also evaluate the amount of electrical power that can be supplied to your AC unit.

Once the technician has inspected your home, they will provide a recommendation for what type of AC unit you should have installed. You will usually have several options to choose from and the technician will also go over information related to the warranties. 

The AC Installation

An AC installation can take anywhere from four to eight hours. However long it takes will depend on how the type of AC you are installing and how large your home is. If you will simply have the AC changed out, the installation might not take as long. However, if you will also have the ductwork replaced, the AC installation might take much longer. Even if you will only be having a window AC installed, the technician will need to make sure that the window will be able to support the weight of the AC.

If you do not want the installation to take too long, you will want to consider installing a split AC unit. These are units that are difficult to install yourself, though, so you will want to hire AC installation services. 

The full AC installation changeout will take longer because the AC technician will be replacing everything. Experienced AC installation specialists will add more workers on a team if the type of AC installation will take a lot of time so you won't have to wait as long.

Replacing an AC Ahead of Time

The best way to avoid having to wait is to have a new AC installed as soon as you see warning signs that your current AC is on its last legs. Then, you won't have to install a new AC at the last minute.

For more information, reach out to a local AC installation service.


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