Insight For Handling Plumbing Emergencies In Your Home

Posted on: 17 September 2020

Plumbing is an essential function inside your home, and when your plumbing goes out due to a breakage, a clog in the line, or a broken appliance, you need it restored as soon as possible. Here are some recommendations to help you handle a plumbing emergency and arrange for a quick repair service.

Shut Off the Water

As soon as you realize there is a water break or leak inside your home, you should immediately shut off the water to the appliance. Most appliances will have a water shut off valve located at the water connection point to the component. For example, for the toilet, the shut off valve will be located behind and at the base of the toilet, and if the leak is in the sink, you can usually locate the valve beneath the sink in the cabinet.

Sometimes you may not be able to locate the shut off valve. In this case it is fine to shut off the water to your entire home, which is usually located in the basement or laundry room.

Check Electricity Connections

Once you have switched off the water supply to stop the water leak, you should check around the area to see if there are any electrical components plugged in. This includes the appliance that is involved in the leak, such as a broken water heater or a washing machine with a broken its hose connection. 

Safely unplug the appliance to reduce your risk of electric shock for the period of time until you can have your water damage repaired by a professional plumber. If you cannot access the electrical line without stepping into a great deal of water, shut off your home's electrical breaker to the appliance, then unplug the unit from the wall.

Contact a Plumbing Professional

After handling the essentials to protect your home from further water damage and to minimize the risk of electric shock, contact a plumbing professional for immediate service to your home. Your plumbing professional can repair or replace the broken or damaged water line or replace the broken appliance. If your home has a main plumbing clog, your plumber will use a snake to clear out the line and restore your sewer flow.

An emergency plumbing service is helpful because you can arrange for essential sewer repairs any day or time, including holidays and weekends. This allows you to restore your home's water, sewer, or hot water when you need it instead of waiting for regular business hours. Reach out to a 24-hour emergency plumber in your area.


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