Is Your Older AC System Struggling To Keep Up? Gain Efficiency With These Service Tips

Posted on: 25 August 2021

Older residential central air conditioning systems often struggle to cool as efficiently as newer ones that have design enhancements to offer maximum efficiency. While replacing an older, inefficient system is a smart plan, homeowners often need time to budget for the considerable cost of purchasing and installing new air conditioning components. If you are currently dealing with this type of scenario, the following tips can help ensure that your current system will offer a dependable cooling experience until you can afford to replace it. 

Consider adding a dehumidifier to the existing system

As air conditioning systems age, they often become less able to remove excess moisture from the air. As humidity levels rise inside the home, the occupants will feel less comfortable, even when the air conditioning system is cycling more often as it attempts to normalize humidity levels and reach the desired room temperature. Homeowners who are experiencing rising humidity levels inside their home may want to consider having their AC service technician install a dehumidifier to their HVAC system to help it work more efficiently until the entire system can be replaced. 

Ensure there are no existing air and refrigerant leaks 

Older air conditioning systems can lose efficiency if the ducts are leaking air or a refrigerant leak has developed. Homeowners who are seeking to increase the efficiency of their aging central air conditioning system will want to ensure that their air ducts are in good condition, with properly taped or sealed seams to prevent the loss of cooled air. 

Refrigerant leaks are often so small that many homeowners are unaware of them until they notice that their system is operating with less efficiency. Air conditioning service technicians can use special gauges and equipment to test the pressure of the existing refrigerant to see if a leak exists. Repairing refrigerant leaks and bringing refrigerant levels back to normal can help older air conditioning systems operate more efficiently with less wear on their internal parts and components. 

Schedule regular maintenance

Homeowners who plan to continue using an older air conditioning system for one or more seasons before replacing it with a new one will want to invest in regular professional maintenance to help ensure that their system operates as reliably as possible. Scheduling a preseason appointment with a reputable air conditioning service technician will ensure that all components are examined for any damage or wear that could cause the system to perform less efficiently or stop producing cool air. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for air conditioning services near you.


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