3 AC Installation Facts Every Homeowner Should Know

Posted on: 2 November 2021

AC installation is a large project that many homeowners may not feel prepared for. Whether your current air conditioner has reached the end of its life or you have just decided to upgrade to a more efficient model, you will see a better outcome with knowledge on your side. Here are three AC installation facts every homeowner should know.

1. AC Installation Should Always be Left to Professionals

DIY home renovations remain enduringly popular thanks to their potential to cut costs. However, AC installation is one project that should always be performed by licensed technicians. 

In some cases, ductwork must be rerouted or removed entirely to fit the new system properly. Substantial post-install testing and adjustments are sometimes necessary to ensure that the air conditioner operates at full efficiency. Furthermore, the old AC system must be disposed of safely to prevent refrigerant and other waste from harming the environment.

2. You May Save on Installation During the Off-Season

The most effective strategy available to homeowners who are looking to save on AC installation is scheduling the install during the off-season. In the fall and winter months, HVAC technicians have more slots open in their schedules, and the specific model you want is more likely to be in stock as well. Some contractors provide AC installation services at discounted rates during this part of the year to move units and increase business.

3. A Larger AC Isn't Always Better

There's usually nothing wrong with buying a little more than you need, especially when it comes to comfort. Unfortunately, this philosophy can potentially backfire if you apply it to your new AC purchase. An oversized air conditioner is detrimental when you're trying to keep your entire home cool on a hot day.

If your AC is too large for your home, it will cycle on and off too quickly to deliver cool air to every room. The rooms furthest from your AC will remain stuffy while closer rooms will likely be too cold. An HVAC technician can use techniques like air balance testing to find the perfect air conditioner size for your home in BTUs. The right AC size will vary even between homes of the same square footage due to factors such as insulation, ceiling height, and structural materials.

New AC installation is an exciting time that could greatly enhance the comfort level in your home. Keep these facts in mind so you can enjoy the best possible results from your AC installation.


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