Is Your Commercial Air Conditioner Not Responding To The Remote? Find Out Possible Causes

Posted on: 24 June 2022

Air conditioners are automated appliances that allow you to control commands remotely. But like anything else, the remote can fail, hindering you from setting your preferred temperature. When this happens, you'll need to seek the services of an AC repair expert to conduct a diagnostic check. That way, they can establish why your AC is irresponsive to signals from the remote control. This article explores possible reasons your commercial AC might not be responding to the remote.


The range in which your remote can operate the aircon is within a specific distance indicated in your manual guide. Within this range, your clicker should function effectively, without any obstacles hindering the sensor path on the AC's surface. If your office AC is not responding to the push-button control despite having a close distance, you should seek professional AC repair services. First, the technician will check for dirt and grime and clear it. And if any of the sensors is non-responsive, they will replace it.


If you fit new cells and they fail to control the remote despite the proximity to your AC, you may have inserted the batteries on the wrong poles. The positive and negative symbols are printed on the battery chamber behind the push-button control. If the remote fails to respond to the commands even after inserting the batteries correctly, clogging and corrosion could be the culprits. In this case, your AC technician needs to clean the contacts with alcohol to allow the current flow.


The clicker's light-emitting diode (LED) transmits signals to the sensor on the aircon's interface. If the remote control device drops, causing the LED to disconnect from other components, it will not operate your AC. An AC specialist will use an infrared sensor card to properly ensure that the remote transmits signals from the LED. If it fails to respond, they will replace the faulty LED to ensure effective signal transmission.

Unit Rebooting

If your push-button control is not defective, reset your AC unit by shutting it off at the main switch and starting it after a few minutes. If it is still unresponsive to push-button control, you should hire a commercial cooling service professional to diagnose the problem. They may suggest replacing the display panel to enable the sensors to receive signals.

If you properly care for your AC's remote control, it will serve you for a longer period. First, however, you should hire a commercial  AC service such as NuAire Mechanical Engineering to regularly service the AC and ensure it responds to the remote control.


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