How To Repair A Commercial AC Unit's Drain Line When It Malfunctions

Posted on: 24 August 2022

There are a lot of important components that your commercial AC system features, but in terms of removing the condensation that's created, the drain line is at the top of the list. If this part is malfunctioning or damaged, here are some repair tips to keep in mind.

Work With An HVAC Contractor If Clogs Form

Sometimes, drain lines can clog and thus affect how condensation is dealt with when the commercial cooling system runs. If this is currently happening with your drain line, then you should hire a repair contractor whenever you get the chance because they'll have an easier time locating the clog and figuring out its severity.

They can send an inspection camera up through the drain line to get a precise location on the clog, as well as see what's causing the blockage to begin with. Then their repair methods will be more effective and refined.

Patch Over Leaks That Develop 

If you have an older drain line on the outside of your commercial property, then some sections may start to leak. You don't want this continuing because it could cause damage to your foundation. The best repair you can complete for this problem is simply patching over leaking sections.

You'll just need to get some weatherproof tubing or tape to secure around the leaking areas. Then if condensation flows through the drain lines effectively, you know the patch is working and you can resume using the AC unit normally again.

Replace Line If Severe Damage Is Present

Some drain lines will be just too old and damaged for a repair to work, at least long-term. If your drain line is in this condition and condensation is really starting to become an issue when your AC unit runs around commercial property, then consider replacing the line entirely.

This is something you don't want to do yourself, but rather hire an HVAC repair contractor for. They'll know what new line to invest in and can set it up in a code-compliant manner, helping you remove condensation that's created by your commercial building's cooling system. 

Your commercial AC unit may break down and have issues in its drain line. As long as you investigate the problem thoroughly and make sure you're carrying out the right repairs, these complications won't remain for long and you'll get back optimal performance from the AC unit once again. 

For more information about commercial AC repair, contact a local company, like Big Rock Service Company LLC.


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