When Is Furnace Replacement An Emergency?

Posted on: 23 November 2022

In most cases, when someone needs a furnace replacement, they call a furnace company and schedule one — a few days, a week, or even a month in the future. When your current furnace is working, furnace replacement is not an emergency or even that much of an urgent need. But this is not always the case. There are times when furnace replacement is an emergency and when you really should call a 24/7 furnace replacement for prompt service. Here are some of those key times.

It's absolutely freezing outside.

If it's 50 or 60 outside, you're using your heat, but you could probably get by without heat or with a space heater for a day or two if needed. On the other hand, if it is absolutely, bitter cold — like -10°F — outside, you really can't go without heat for very long. Not only will you be cold, but your pipes might freeze and burst, which is surely bad for your house. When your furnace fails in the bitter cold, call a 24/7 furnace replacement service for prompt care. They may find that they only need to repair your furnace rather than just replace it, but the older your furnace is, the more likely it is that they'll recommend just having a new one installed.

You're leaving soon.

Are you leaving on vacation in a couple of days? Maybe you have a business trip on Monday, and your furnace failed on a Friday. You don't want to leave a house without heat, and if you call a normal furnace company, they probably won't be able to get to you before you leave. A 24/7 furnace replacement company is your best bet in this case. They can come out and make sure you have a new, fully operating furnace before you leave, so your home does not get cold and suffer from frozen pipes while you're away.

You have an old person or really young person living with you.

You might be able to tolerate a couple of days of a chilly, 50-something degree home. But older adults and babies are more sensitive to temperature and may become ill if they have to live in these chilly temps. So, you may want to call a 24/7 furnace replacement service to get a replacement faster and keep them safer.

Furnace replacement is not always an emergency, but sometimes, it does require more prompt attention.


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