Commonly Encountered Air Conditioning Problems

Posted on: 14 December 2022

Arranging for repairs to be done to your air conditioning system is a process that you are likely to have to go through at some point or another. Despite the quality and design work that goes into modern air conditioning units, they can still suffer problems that will have to be professionally repaired in order to keep the system running efficiently.

Refrigerant Leaking From The Air Conditioning Unit

A refrigerant leak can be a very serious problem as it will be able to impact the cooling ability of the unit while also contributing to potential contamination of the soil and underground water supplies. This is due to the fact that this refrigerant can be very harmful to the environment. While there may be many areas in the air conditioning system that can develop leaks, there coils and tub connections can be among the spots that will be by far the most likely to develop a leak.

Warped Fan Blades

Your air conditioning system will have a large fan that will help to move air over the condenser coils and to help push the cooled air through the ducting. Unfortunately, these fan blades can become warped over time. Often, this will occur when debris gets inside the air conditioning unit's case as this could cause the fan blades to strike it with a tremendous amount of force. If this occurs, the blades could become warped enough to cause them to lose the ability to spin at the necessary speeds or they may even strike other components that are near them. Replacing the fan blades can be an effective option for this problem, but it will be difficult due to the need to take apart much of the air conditioning unit's casing to be able to access and remove the previous fan blade.

Excessive Vibrations When The AC Unit Is Being Used

When your air conditioning system is in operation, it should be reasonably quiet in the home. In addition to the unit being designed to produce minimal amounts of sound, there may also be a sound barrier between the unit and the house. This barrier can block much of the sound before it reaches the home's interior. However, a faulty air conditioning unit can start to develop extensive vibrations. These vibrations can lead to the unit being very loud in the house. Also, it will have the potential to cause damage to the unit by loosening components as the vibrations worsen. An alignment problem is one potential explanation for this performance issue, but a professional inspection will be needed to fully isolate the cause.

For more information, contact an air conditioning repair service near you.


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