Signs That You Need Furnace Repair Services For Your Unit

Posted on: 21 March 2023

You never really appreciate your furnace until it's broken and you can't warm your home or office in the winter. 

To avoid instances where your furnace is too broken to function, you can hire a furnace repair expert to fix problems as soon as you notice them. 

A heating contractor understands the ins and outs of a furnace unit and can identify and fix all issues.

Here are some of the issues you should hire an expert to fix. 

A Faulty Blower Mechanism

The blower mechanism in your furnace facilitates air going in and out to keep your home hot during the cold season. If your furnace's bearings, capacitor, or belt malfunction, it's time to call in a furnace repairs services provider to fix your unit. 

Over time, the ball bearings in your furnace will wear off and reduce the efficiency of your unit. The most obvious sign of broken furnace bearings is a constant scraping sound every time you put the furnace on. When you hear this noise, call a repairs expert and switch it off to prevent further damage. 

If your furnace produces high squeals as the blower fan rotates, there is a problem with the blower belt. It might have slipped out of place, and you'll need a professional repairer to place it back. The belt could also break from wear and tear and need replacement. The heating contractor will assess the extent of damage on the belt and advise you accordingly. 

The capacitor in your furnace is the battery that generates energy to keep the system running. If the capacitor is faulty, your furnace will use the circuit board as an energy source. As a result, the breaker could trip or have a short circuit because of the power surge. Call a furnace repair services company if your furnace starts and stops midway because that's the most obvious sign of a faulty capacitor. 

A Faulty Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger in your furnace is the heart of the system because this is where all the heating and cooling happens. The heat exchanger comprises heated tubes that heat air before releasing it into your home. 

With all the heating and cooling going on, the tubes are prone to wear and tear, which you can handle with regular maintenance. The tubes expand and contract regularly and may eventually crack or have other issues. A cracked heat exchanger can cause health hazards as it emits harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrous oxide. 

Other than the foul smell from your furnace, here are other signs of a broken heat exchanger:

  • Soot build-up in the burners
  • Orange or yellow flames
  • Rattling sounds from the unit 

If you detect these problems, hire a furnace repair company to assess and repair your unit.  


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